FAST BioMedical Aims to Quantify Volume Status and Revolutionize Heart Failure Treatment

Heart failure affects 6.5 million adults in the United States (CDC), leading to more than 1 million primary hospitalizations in the country. FAST BioMedical (FBM) is developing medical technology to measure a patient’s intravascular volume status and kidney function with the aim to revolutionize the treatment of patients suffering from heart failure. Today, standard of care for assessing a patient’s volume status or kidney function are estimates. FBM’s technology has the potential to dramatically improve heart failure patient management by measuring – rather than estimating – both volume status and kidney function.

FBM’s first-in-class technology is being developed to offer a direct, dynamic, serial measurement of volume status and kidney function, which can potentially give a clearer clinical picture to improve fluid management for heart failure patients. Other technologies that can measure volume status or kidney function can only measure one at a time and require cumbersome and expensive tools. FBM measures these indicators quickly and easily – with simple blood draws which can enable repeat measurements – with the goal of dramatically improving heart failure patient management.

When asked about the impact of FBM’s technology, an anesthesiologist said:

If I knew precisely what my patient’s circulating blood and/or plasma volume was, it would change the way I practice medicine in the ICU, particularly in situations where it is hard to estimate, for example in cardiac surgery and sepsis patients.